Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shale Development has Unseen Health Benefits

Researchers far and wide have spent financial resources in developing studies that look for negative health outcomes

What seems like bad news is actually the opposite. Unbiased studies serve to help the Oil and Gas industry overcome challenges.  They inadvertently help move the industry forward towards a more effective, efficient and responsible development.

There isn’t much focus on studies that quantify public health benefits. It is not that there are no benefits but the benefits are there - unseen and subtle. Not newsworthy.

The bottom line, increased utilization of natural gas continues to improve air quality in major cities. According to Mayor Bloomberg, NYC has decreased SO2 emissions by 69 percent and soot is down 23 percent  (Huffington Post, September, 2013). Thanks in part to expanded natural gas usage.

Another study released by Clarkson University in 2011, shows that Rochester is also experiencing cleaner air since its conversation to natural gas – SO2 down by 53 percent and particulate matter down by 43 percent between 2002 and 2009. This is also in part to natural gas conversions (Democrat, February 2011).

For those of without respiratory issues, this is all well and good but to 15 percent of the Rochester population with asthma, this is great news.

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